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Methods for Healthy Life from Vegetarian Food Community

If we have any disease, then there will be many troublesome things. We need to spend a budget to go to the doctor and buy medication, our activities become postponed, and we will trouble other people because we definitely need help so they have to take care of us. This is simply part of the number of hassles that occur when we are sick. To prevent this, the easiest thing we can do is to have a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarian Food Bali organization gives some effective tips to achieve a healthy life.



1. Healthy Lifestyle by consuming Nutritious and Vegetarian Foods

Food is one of the key factors in healthy living. You could substitute your food by eating foods that are filled with nutrients such as low sugar, rich in fiber, and a lot of vitamins. Nutritious food will help to make your body healthier. Avoid fatty foods and foods that contain preservatives because they may be dangerous to the body. Increase fruits and vegetables, it’s good to consume five to six servings every day. If you think it’s too much, you can start by consuming one serving every day, then in one week, you add one more portion. You can process it into smoothies by mixing various kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating vegetarian meals and fruit can make you full longer so we will consume a little more. By having an excellent body weight, we will avoid the risk of a number of other diseases such as heart attack or high blood pressure.



2. Avoid Being Stressful

Traffic jams, deadlines for tasks or strangling jobs, financial hardships, tenuous relationships, and many other life affairs will certainly stress you out. When you feel stressed, all the systems in your body will respond differently. Long-term stress can have an effect on your overall health. Well, therefore, try as much as possible to minimize or even avoid whatever that can make you stressed. Pausing from the activities you are working on is normal. When you are feeling depressed, try to pull over for a while in a quiet place. Calm yourself while taking a deep breath and exhale slowly. Do this repeatedly until you feel more peaceful. Taking deep breaths has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. You may also do various other activities that you enjoy. For example, reading, writing a journal, or even playing with pets. In essence, make yourself feel comfortable in a way that you enjoy.


3. Having an Adequate Period of Sleep

Adequate sleep is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. The need for rest and sleep for every single individual varies in accordance with the phase of development of the activities undertaken. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that young grown-ups (18-25 years) need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. People that do not have enough sleep potentially have to be exposed to deadly diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.


Having less sleep is also equal to consuming poisons or undergoing an unhealthy diet. Therefore, no matter how hectic you are, try to always rest and sleep enough. But excessive sleep is also not good and of course harmful. Based on the study, sleeping more than eight hours can constantly reduce one’s concentration level. Apart from keeping the body in shape, sleep can help you to form a proportional body. Sleeping in a good position can also stimulate creative imagination and improve memory. Thus, set your sleep hours in order to get effective sleep and healthy life.

When a healthy lifestyle is applied regularly, it will definitely lead to a good quality of life and quality of health. Basically, everyone would want to have a healthy body, but along with the development of the times and busyness, when we forget to improve healthy lifestyle for health. Seeing, we become afflicted with various diseases and not infrequently this disease is a serious disease.

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